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Mark Hamilton is a bisexual Canadian, electronic-pop artist who originated from London, Ontario. He originally began by uploading videos of his acoustic songs and covers to YouTube/Tumblr. Today Mark Hamilton has a largest following on YouTube, Instagram and Tiktok. Using the internet to his advantage, Mark contacted his producer Madam Warlord. This led to the release of Mark Hamilton’s first professionally recorded song “Haters” on October 2nd, 2010 which he recorded in Toronto, Ontario. Mark released his second song "In The Club' on August 31st, 2020. He released his third song 'No Letting Go' recently on October 1st, 2021.

AMark has discovered an increasing passion for his music and determination towards a music career. Even before grade-school, he had an obvious desire for music and performing. His “whatever it takes” attitude, is definitely what will push him through the hardships that come along in this industry. Throughout his life, music has always been the one thing he can rely on, as well as an emotional output at times of distress. Regardless of backlash due to his decisions and sexual-orientation, Mark continues to stay true to himself. The empowerment, struggle, and motivation can be heard within his music. He hopes to inspire the world’s youth and to further stop the discrimination towards people being themselves despite their differences. Mark Hamilton is focused on the writing and recording of his debut album.

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